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EFT Relationship to the 835 Issue Brief

October 05, 2015

The purpose of this issue brief is to respond to the challenges that came to light in the 2014 survey and to assist providers and payers with the challenges of processing the 835 payment transactions, offering clarification on how EFT payments should be issued, and describing how the corresponding 835 remittance advice should be created to allow for reassociation of the EFT files. While this issue brief focuses on EFT transactions sent via the ACH Network, the same challenges apply to any payment type (paper or electronic) and must be considered so that reassociation is possible by the provider.

The 820 transaction (for Healthcare Premium Payments) has similar challenges; however, for clarity’s sake these are not addressed in this document. A separate document has been prepared to address these concerns with the 820 transaction, “The one-to-one relationship between the EFT and Premium Payment.”

Electronic Funds Transfer Payments’ relationship to the Electronic Remittance Advice transaction – The one-to-one relationship between the EFT and ERA