About Us
WEDI Foundation

Mission and Purpose

The WEDI Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to scientific research and education in order to foster the improvement of healthcare.  Through our activities, WEDI works to improve the exchange of administrative and clinical healthcare information.  Through the success of our work, Americans can rely on more effective and efficient healthcare delivery and improved personal health.

Below is a sample of the type of work conducted by the WEDI Foundation:

Conducting Research

The Foundation conducts research focused on improving the exchange of clinical and administrative healthcare information including, but not limited to, case studies, cost-benefit analyses, and industry surveys.

Providing Information

The Foundation prepares and disseminates information gained through research activities, case studies, white papers, and other findings. This information assists healthcare industry leaders to define, prioritize and achieve consensus on the critical business, consumer and technical issues affecting the implementation and perceived value of electronic commerce.

Funding Educational Projects

The Foundation provides funding and necessary resources for educational projects and tools to assist individuals and organizations involved in the application and administration of innovative health IT technologies.

Interested in helping the WEDI Foundation? Please contact sholvey@wedi.org for further information on how you can get involved or can support our efforts.