WEDI Committees

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WEDI Business Model Committee
WEDI CAQH Eligibility/Benefits Project
WEDI Clinical/Business Integration Task Group
WEDI Companion Guide Workgroup
WEDI E-Prescribing Task Group
WEDI Education Committee
WEDI Executive Committee
WEDI Finance Committee
WEDI Healthcare Banking Task Group
WEDI HSA Task Group
WEDI Industry Affairs Committee
WEDI Nominating Committee
WEDI NPIOI Education & Content
WEDI NPIOI Industry Readiness Assessment
WEDI NPIOI Marketing & Outreach
WEDI NPIOI Resource Center & Website
WEDI NPIOI Steering Committee
WEDI Policy Committee
WEDI Policy Guidelines Task Group
WEDI Public Health Task Group
WEDI Regional Affliate Group
WEDI SNIP Co-chairs
WEDI SNIP Dental Workgroup
WEDI SNIP Health Plan Identifier Workgroup
WEDI SNIP ICD-10 Workgroup
  Business Issues Subworkgroup
  Clinical Subworkgroup
  Crosswalks Subworkgroup
  Impact Assessment Subworkgroup
  Implementation Subworkgroup
  Testing Subworkgroup
  Timeline Subworkgroup
WEDI SNIP Security and Privacy Workgroup
  WEDI SNIP ARRA Funding Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Breach Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Business Associates and New Covered Entities
  WEDI SNIP Cloud Computing Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Enforcement Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Federal Work Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Health Information Exchance Privacy & Security Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP HITECH Updates Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Mobile Health Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Privacy and Risk Management Subworkgroup
WEDI SNIP Steering Committee
WEDI SNIP Transactions Workgroup
  WEDI SNIP 5010 Early Adopters
  WEDI SNIP 5010-27x Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP 5010-837 Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP 835 Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Acknowledgements SWG
  WEDI SNIP Business Issues Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Claims Attachments Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP EFT Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Electronic Medical Bill SWG
  WEDI SNIP Health ID Card Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP NPI Subworkgroup
  WEDI SNIP Testing Subworkgroup
WEDI Strategic Planning
WEDI Version Control Committee
WEDI Website Task Group
WEDI/NCHICA Timeline Task Group


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