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Property and Casualty Electronic Medical Bill (eBill) Subworkgroup- Bringing Automation into the Property and Casualty Industry

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WEDI has announced the creation of a new Property and Casualty Electronic Medical Bill (eBill) Sub-workgroup dedicated to streamlining workers' compensation and auto medical bill and payment processing. This new sub-workgroup consists of industry leaders from state workers’ compensation agencies, providers, payers, eBill agents, clearinghouses, billing services, software vendors and other organizations. To ensure maximum stakeholder participation in this effort, the sub-workgroup is hosting a free introductory webinar, “Bringing automation into the Property and Casualty Industry: Overview of eBilling and How it Works,” on Thursday, March 28, at 2:00 pm ET . Participants will learn how they can support the subgroup’s work by helping to identify successes, remove barriers to eBilling and accelerate and expand industry-wide adoption of eBilling and electronic attachments. WEDI invites all industry stakeholders to attend the upcoming free webinar, which will offer: - An overview of the business efficiencies and regulatory policies that are driving the Property and Casualty Industry’s shift to eBilling. - A state-by-state overview of current and pending regulations to advance eBilling and facilitate electronic attachments - Return on investment (ROI) metrics revealing why payers and providers have voluntarily adopted eBill and attachment processing nationally -An action plan for providers, payers and technology vendors to implement eBill and support electronic attachments

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Publication Year: 2013