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WEDI July Town Hall Webinar: CORE Certification: Eligibility, Claim Status, EFT, and ERA

Robert Bowman, CORE Manager, CAQH

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This session will provide an overview of the voluntary CORE Certification Process offered by CAQH CORE as a way of preparing for, and demonstrating conformance with, the Federally Mandated CAQH CORE Operating Rules and attesting to compliance with the HIPAA standards. Learn how CAQH's Voluntary CORE Certification is not only a beneficial step in the implementation process for providers, health plans, and vendors within their own organizations, but also encourages trading partners to work together on data flow and content for a more coordinated effort toward compliance. During this session, we will also hear lessons learned and best practices from the perspective of a HIPAA covered entity that has already achieved Voluntary CORE Certification.

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Product ID: MISC-65
Publication Year: 2013