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CPT® Consumer Friendly Descriptors: Their Use in Engaging Patients in their Health Care

Elizabeth Lumakovska & Nancy Spector

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One of the four focus areas of the WEDI 2013 Report was patient engagement because of the significant role it plays in improving health outcomes. A key to engaging patients in their health care is finding the right tools that will give them a better understanding of their medical condition and treatment plan. The AMA’s CPT® Consumer Friendly Descriptors take the complex terminology of medical procedures and services and puts it into a language that patients can better understand and use. This webinar will provide an overview of WEDI’s work with patient engagement and the importance of it, as well as the development of the Consumer Friendly Descriptors and how they can be used specifically to engage patients in their health care. Speakers: Elizabeth Lumakovska, Mapping & Terminology Consultant, American Medical Association Nancy Spector, Director of Electronic Medical Systems, American Medical Association

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Publication Year: 2014