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Crossing the Digital Divide: Overcoming Obstacles to Realize ICD-10's Biggest Benefit Webinar

Speaker: Max Templeton, Regence, Moderated by Nancy Spector, AMA

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June 2011 90 minutes Mr. Max Templeton addresses the obstacles of customer analytics when cutting over to ICD-10. Customer analytics demands a consistent and comprehensive data set. The problem is that by October 1st, 2013 we shall be creating a discontinuity in the historical data associated with our patients and their care - with ICD-9 codes, code ranges and hierarchical rollups on one side of the digital divide, and ICD-10 codes, ranges and rollups on the other. And we won't have to wait for 2013 to feel the impact. As soon as we try to predict what will happen in calendar 2013 we will be in the thick of it. The first impact of ICD-10 on most large payers and providers will be in contract modeling: how do we predict how the cutover will affect revenues under our to-be contracts for 2013? Max will walk attendees through an overview of the analytics problem, speak to them about general solution considerations, and then take them on a deep dive into the looming contract modeling problem and how to deal with it.

Product Details:

Product ID: ICD10-4
Publication Year: 2011
Page length: 60 minutes