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Deploying to the Cloud: A Case study on the Development of EHNACís Cloud Enabled Accreditation Program (CEAP)

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Deploying to the cloud has many clear advantages, but there are also new risks to consider. How can one properly vet a Cloud Service Provider? What services should be expected? How are the boundaries defined, which risks are shared, and who is responsible in the event of a breach? Topics to be discussed include: 1. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs): Assumptions versus realities 2. Security Framework: Creating a methodology for identifying risk 3. Privacy and Security: Who is responsible for what? (Consumer, CSP, Shared) 4. Assessment: Completing the Risk Assessment and identifying controls 5. Audit: Value of third party audits Key Learning Objectives Upon completion, webinar participants should be able to: 1. Articulate the benefits that should be realized from cloud deployment 2. Learn about methodical approaches to identifying risk 3. Identify risks and responsibilities related to cloud deployment 4. Understand the importance of ongoing risk management 5. Enhance abilities to use frameworks for evaluating risks and identifying controls 6. Realize benefits of third party audits that include your cloud services Speakers Ron Moser, Managing Director, Moserhaus Consulting, LLC and Sr. Consultant, EHNAC Scott Paddock, Security Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Kurt Hagerman, Chief Information Security Officer, Armor Defense, Inc. Scott Schimpf, Vice President of Technology, Alpha II, LLC

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Publication Year: 2016