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WEBINAR Risks & Rewards – The new and rapidly changing landscape of health information technology

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The only constant in health care is change and the same is true with health information technology (HIT). It’s the Wild West out there and the world of HIT is expanding rapidly. Between the increase in mobile device work for clinical purposes, an expansion in the use of assistive technology and new and changing patient tools to prompt greater patient participation in their own care, it can be rather daunting. It also represents a great opportunity as health care becomes more mobile. This webinar focuses on the HIT landscape today and look into the future. Along with great rewards comes greater risk. Participants will learn how to take advantage of the expanding presence of HIT in health care delivery and how to address associated risks to adoption. Webinar Topics – i. The HIT market of today – an overview ii. Review the benefits of expanded HIT and the associated risks iii. How to manage your risk while taking advantage of new HIT initiatives iv. Tools – Simple risk assessment tool to assess risk before expanding HIT use v. A look into the HIT crystal ball

Product Details:

Product ID: WEB-47
Publication Year: 2014