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WRA: HIPAA and Long Term Care

Julia Huddleston

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Long-term care and HIPAA it seems simple on the surface. Hospitals discharge patients who need skilled rehab to nursing homes. Medicare pays. Nursing homes bill Medicare electronically and are covered entities. Simple, right? Well not exactly. Most people in nursing homes are Medicaid residents. States run Medicaid so there are (at least) 50 variations of what Medicaid pays for and how it gets paid. And what about the fast-growing community-based care options? Less restrictive and less expensive for patients and family but what exactly are they where HIPAA is concerned? And what about when long-term care is part of an ACO? Speaker: Julia Huddleston joined Apgar & Associates in September 2010, after almost 25 years of state government management. Much of her career revolved around the systems and methods that state and federal governments use to determine how much to pay service providers, and she brings expert knowledge of the finances of healthcare particularly as related to Medicare and Medicaid. She is also a successful grant writer, and has successfully authored and designed multi-million grant programs through both the federal government and philanthropic foundations.

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Publication Year: 2014