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  • Telehealth Modalities

    by Samantha Holvey | Mar 13, 2018
    The purpose of this white paper is to provide information on the various modes of delivering patient care using telehealth services and technology, including virtual encounters, remote patient monitoring, wearable devices, and integrated care management.

    Telehealth Modalities White Paper

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WEDI: ICD-10 transition should be template for future mandates

May 10, 2016, 11:55 AM

Here’s a surprise twist in the ICD-10 saga: Now that the tortuous oft-delayed transition is said and for the most part done, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange is publicly recommending that the federal government use it as a template for future mandates.

WEDI, of course, serves in an advisory role to the Department of Health and Human Services and has been conducting ICD-10 readiness surveys since 2009. So it follows that the organization in March 2016 launched a post-implementation survey to find out why the conversion to ICD-10 “went so well,” that WEDI called it a “non-eventful transition.”

WEDI’s research found that all the compliance deadline delays added cost and confusion to the ICD-10 switch, but also gave payers, providers and technology vendors more time for testing and ultimately made the transition such that most were ready.

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