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The WEDI listservs have been developed to create an industry forum where individuals, committees, and workgroups can interact, provide input and exchange ideas regarding a range of subjects. 

To subscribe, select whether to receive individual messages or less-frequent digests of list traffic. To unsubscribe, choose the 'Not subscribed' option for the list. Click the 'Save Changes' button to update your subscriptions.

You must subscribe to the list(s) and "Save Changes" before you can send emails to the lists or receive emails from the lists! If the list is a discussion list, you may post to the list by copying the email address and pasting it into your email client or by simply clicking on the list name (if your browser is setup to connect to your email).

To sign up for or manage your e-mail list subscriptions, please click here. You will be prompted for a login and will be able to create a profile at this point.