Member Types

Who Should Become a Member

To ensure broad representation from throughout the health care community, WEDI actively seeks membership of all key parties health care EDI. WEDI membership classes are:

  • Providers 
  • Health plans
  • Hybrid Organizations (formerly Mixed Provider/Healthplan)*
  • Government & State Medicaid Agencies 
  • Standards Organizations 
  • Vendors
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Affiliates/Regional Entities **
* Hybrid Organizations are companies that have the characteristics of HealthPlans, Vendors and/or Providers and choose not to be identified solely in one of those categories.

** The Affiliate/Regional Entities category includes organizations with fewer than 150 employees that are regional or state affiliates of, and have a formal, legal or corporate structural relationship with a national Corporate Member organization which is a member in good standing of WEDI, or they may be an approved WEDI Regional Affiliate (WRA) entity, that supports WEDI's mission and does not qualify under any of the other Membership categories.