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WEDI and NCHICA Release Modified ICD-10 Implementation Timeline

September 04, 2012
1 Year Delay Adds Time for Key Steps in Timeline

In response to the recent announcement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), extending the ICD-10 deadline from October 1, 2013 to October 1, 2014, WEDI and NCHICA have released an updated NCHICA/WEDI ICD-10 Implementation Timeline. Available on the WEDI website, the timeline provides a schedule of the work and time frames required for organizations to successfully complete ICD-10 implementation.

The updated NCHICA/WEDI ICD-10 Implementation Timeline provides suggested milestones for providers, payers and vendors to meet the new ICD-10 compliance date. WEDI recognizes that each organization will have its own unique needs; however, the timeline provides a strong common framework for planning. Based on the updated timeline, organizations should be far into the transition process, have completed all assessments and be deep in the development and implementation stages.

The new October 2014 deadline injects necessary time back into the implementation process. “When the timeline was adjusted in 2010 to accommodate organizations getting a late start, time was compressed for some critical efforts,” stated Jim Daley, WEDI Chair-elect and WEDI ICD-10 Workgroup co-chair. “With the new compliance deadline of October 2014, time has been restored to critical tasks such as testing.” However WEDI reminds healthcare organizations that this not an opportunity to slow down implementation efforts. “The extension does not mean organizations can relax. There is still a lot of work to do.”

Holt Anderson, Executive Director of NCHICA, added. ”NCHICA is proud of our strong relationship with WEDI and our joint work on this valuable and free tool. We hope organizations will download it as an internal resource for mapping their own progress to ensure compliance by the 2014 deadline.”

Alongside the updated NCHICA/WEDI Implementation Timeline, WEDI offers several additional tools to support the industry’s implementation process, such as:
• White Paper: ICD-10 Implementation
• White Paper: Incorporating Financial Neutrality Into ICD-10 Implementation
• White Paper: ICD-10 Impact Assessment
• White Paper: ICD-10 Impact Assessment Mind Maps
• White Paper: ICD-10 Crosswalks-Treasure Map to ICD-10 Resources
• Issue Brief: ICD-10 End-to-End Testing

These resources are posted online at:

As the new implementation date approaches, WEDI will continue its work to help the industry prepare for ICD-10 implementation. An important opportunity for the industry is the upcoming WEDI 2012 Fall Conference, held in Reston, Virginia on October 22-25, 2012. At the conference, providers, payers and vendors will participate in a full program that prepares them to successfully deal with the impact of the new compliance date.

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