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WEDI Provides Critical ICD-10 Implementation Metrics for Providers and Payers

December 07, 2012
WEDI recently announced the release of their latest ICD-10 related whitepaper. “ICD-10 Critical Metrics” was written by WEDI’s ICD-10 Impact Assessment Sub Workgroup to help the industry identify and plan for the potential financial impact of ICD-10 implementation on the nation’s healthcare organizations.

Available for download on WEDI’s website, the whitepaper developed a set of detailed metrics for hospitals, practitioners and payers that establish a basis to perform benchmark testing prior to ICD-10 implementation. These standards and metrics provide the baseline for monitoring and early warning indicators that healthcare organizations can use to ensure that their business and mitigation plans after implementation are successful.

“The metrics white paper provides a valuable tool for the industry by suggesting measures that can identify potential deviations at an early point and allow them to be addressed before problems become extensive,” said Jim Daley, WEDI Chair-elect and WEDI ICD-10 Workgroup co-chair. “The metrics can also assist in the testing process and contingency planning.”

“ICD-10 Critical Metrics” is available for download at in the Resources section alongside other ICD-10 related white papers recently released by WEDI: the NCHICA/WEDI ICD-10 Implementation Timeline, “Incorporating Financial Neutrality into ICD-10 Implementation Plans” whitepaper, “ICD-10 End to End Testing” issue brief and “ICD-10 Impact Assessment Mind Maps” white paper.

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