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WEDI leading change in healthcare data standards and B2B integration

November 13, 2014

The following blog post was written by WEDI member and sponsor Rod Gifford of IBM. Similar articles can be found by visiting the IBM blog.

I had an opportunity on behalf of IBM to attend the WEDI annual fall conference in October. If you are in the healthcare industry you are probably familiar with the organization. If not as their website states WEDI is the leading authority on the use of Health IT to improve healthcare information exchange; enhancing quality of care, improving efficiency and reducing costs of the American healthcare system.

It was my first time attending so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What I found was a very focused and dedicated group of attendees who are on the front lines in evolving and driving healthcare industry change in response to HIPAA legislation for updated data standards. This has big implications for companies that operate in the healthcare ecosystem as well as vendors like IBM who offer software to enable compliance with the latest data standards as well as helping companies exchange the data across their B2B collaboration network. So I give these attendees credit for volunteering their time, engaging in healthy debates on how to evolve and implement the standards and being the “standard bearers” driving change in the healthcare industry.

If your company operates in the healthcare ecosystem chances are you are impacted by these changes and maybe struggling to figure out how to implement them in the mandated timeframes. WEDI is a great resource to help. Checkout their website at for access to resources and education materials. And if you need to upgrade your data standards to comply or take your b2B collaboration to the next level, don’t forget about IBM. We have a lot of expertise in this space and can help. Click here to learn more.

Rod Gifford
Market Segment Manager -- B2B Integration