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The Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation to Improve Medication Management with Launch of First Care Coordination Workgroup

September 23, 2015
Charles Lee, MD and Helen Figge CPHIMS, FHIMSS named co-chairs to lead efforts in developing recommendations of implementable changes to improve medication adherence

RESTON, Va. — September 23, 2015 — The Louis W. Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation, which is dedicated to distributing health information technology innovation to transform quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery worldwide, announced its first Care Coordination Workgroup and the appointment of two co-chairs. Under the leadership of the Sullivan Institute’s Patient Experience Council, the workgroup will focus on improving real-time access to a comprehensive patient medication list for patients and healthcare systems. The workgroup will collaborate with industry stakeholders to develop a structural framework and data exchange protocols.

Building on the work being done in the industry to improve clinical management of medications across transitions of care, The Sullivan Institute workgroup will articulate the patient’s perspective on breakdowns in communication and expectations of roles and services. The workgroup will identify methods to address those breakdowns – including responsibilities of care when multiple provider systems are involved. In creating improvements to medication management, the workgroup’s overall objective is to reduce medication-related errors, provide for timely notification of medication changes, and empower individuals and caregivers to take greater control of their health under the supervision of their healthcare providers.

“The initiatives the Care Coordination Workgroup is undertaking are incredibly valuable to many stakeholders across the industry,” said Devin Jopp, Ed.D., president and CEO of the Sullivan Institute. “The impact of reducing medication-related errors equates to better care from physicians, better outcomes for patients and lower costs to the healthcare industry. As we work collectively on improving the process with key health IT systems and processes, the patient continues to be front and center of any driving initiative.”

Helen Figge, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, SVP Global Strategic Development of Lumira, USA, Inc. and Charles Lee, MD, founder and president of Polyglot Systems, Inc. will serve as co-chairs for The Sullivan Institute’s Care Coordination Workgroup.

“Using my business skills and insights gained from being a patient and working with other patients and caregivers, I look forward to working alongside Dr. Lee and Helen Figge on improving medication management,” said Mary Cattolico Camp, user experience professional and executive leader of the Patient Experience Council. “The Sullivan Institute is truly committed to integrating the patient and caregiver needs as well as industry expertise into all aspects of design to tackle some of the most difficult challenges in healthcare.”

The Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation invites industry professionals with a related focus and interest to participate in the Care Coordination Workgroup. For more information on joining the Workgroup, please contact Samantha Holvey at

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