Health Information Exchange


The Health Information Exchange (HIE) workgroup was formed to establish an HIE based WEDI workgroup to address the unique requirements associated with the implementation and operational support of technical and business related activities under the governance of HIE organizations.  Stakeholders include health care providers, HIE organizations, vendors, state government agencies, and regional non-profits with responsibility for implementation of HIT related health care reform (including the HIE Cooperative Agreement). 

The HIE Workgroup intends to reach out to ACO/HIE governance bodies, ONC, CMS, health plans, and consumers.  The goals of the HIE Workgroup include standardization and interoperability, security, privacy, medical record coding requirements, governance and sustainability.  The HIE Workgroup works closely with the Security & Privacy Workgroup as it relates to HIE privacy and security standards, protocols, practices and related topics to closely coordinate activity related to overlapping HIE workgroup efforts.

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This workgroup is currently on hiatus.

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