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The ICD-10 Coding & Translation SWG focuses on challenges and solutions to the migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10 at the implementation level.  Redefinition of the intent of current analytics and business process in an ICD-10 environment so that it preserves the original intent of these activities is a main area of focus.  Leveraging the advantages of the added detail of ICD-10 is also a key focus in the longer term business roadmap. 

Additionally, this SWG will include a focus on the clinical nature of these codes and the clinical documentation needed to support accurate representation in data of the patient’s health condition and procedures done to improve or maintain those condition. 

The workgroup’s goal is to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of challenges, lessons learned and solutions.  The workgroup will leverage the expertise of co-chairs and participants to produce white papers, issue briefs and other key products to support a successful transition.

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