The ICD-10 workgroup Identifies activities, risks, solutions and education associated with the assessment, planning and implementation of the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS medical code sets (ICD-10) for business operations, infrastructure and applications which would include both clinical and administrative areas as applicable.

The workgroup’s goal is to become a key source for ideas, education, and implementation information for stakeholders and develop work products and programs to assist stakeholders in assessment, planning and implementation of the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS medical code sets.

Work Products

Property and Casualty ICD-10 State Readiness Resource Center

by User Not Found | Nov 05, 2014
As of November 3, 2014 there are 20 states that have declared they will align with the HIPAA adopted ICD-10 code set effective October 1, 2015. It is important for stakeholder contingency planning, to be able to identify the ICD-10 adoption status of the other 30 remaining states. The implications of a state not adopting ICD-10 will require state stakeholders to accommodate and maintain dual processing systems.

In an effort to assist the industry in identifying ICD-10 state readiness & reiterate the need for a transition plan, WEDI has written a letter to each state governor with a carbon copy to the Department of Health and Human Services requesting the status of their state in adopting and/or transitioning to ICD-10. The letter also serves as an educational outreach regarding the impact to stakeholders if ICD-10 is not adopted. (Letter to the States).

WEDI ICD-10 State Readiness List:
The WEDI ICD-10 State Readiness List will be updated accordingly based on states’ responses. Make sure you sign up for the WEDI P&C eBilling list serve to obtain ICD-10 State Readiness Alert Notifications when a new state is added. Please notify if your state has adopted ICD-10 and is not represented on the list. Thank you!

WEDI ICD-10 State Workers’ Compensation Readiness List

Additional ICD-10 Resource Information:
WEDI Property and Casualty ICD-10 NCVHS Testimony
WEDI Testimony to the Department of Health and Human Services National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Subcommittee on Standards Regarding: ICD-10 Implementation Beyond Covered Entities on February 19, 2014
WEDI Property and Casualty ICD-10 NCVHS PPT
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