Innovative Encounters


The primary goal of the Innovative Encounters Workgroup (WG) is to evaluate business cases, return on investment (ROI), and overall operations and functionality related to data exchange for innovative encounter models (e.g., electronic visits and communication, electronic monitoring, telemedicine) using existing and emergent technologies that will foster enhanced collaboration between patients and providers at a lower cost and with increased value. The WG evaluates the exchange of encounter information between patient and provider to identify ways to facilitate exchange of data, innovative encounter capabilities, and roles and responsibilities of health care stakeholders in facilitating change and implementation.

Work Products

Innovative Encounters: A Primer

by Samantha Holvey | Jul 19, 2016
The purpose of this issue brief is to provide a baseline understanding of innovative encounters and telehealth in today’s health care system. A WEDI definition of telehealth will be established. An overview will be provided about the delivery of telehealth, including who provides the services, what services are provided and where services are provided.

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