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WEDI provides a full suite of resources designed to help organizations better understand and manage health IT.  The Resources section provides access to WEDI’s various tools and library of health IT information.

We strive to make the approval process of our work products as transparent as possible. White papers, issue briefs and surveys must be approved by the Peer Review Committee. Workgroup charters, new workgroups and co-chairs must be approved by the Work Group Leadership Committee. Comment letters and WEDI policies must be approved by the Policy Committee.


Podcast Episode 142: Health Equity Sit Down with Dr. Vindell Washington of Verily Health Platforms

February 23, 2024

Knowledge Center In the latest episode from WEDI’s Health Equity Forum and Workshop, we bring you an enlightening conversation between two giants in the field of health IT and equity. Sagran Moodley, the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Ontada, sits down with Dr. Vindell Washington, the former National Coordinator for Health IT and currently…

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WEDI Emerging Technology Subworkgroup: APIs, AI, and the Art of Health Care Data

February 22, 2024

Knowledge Center In the fast-evolving landscape of health care data management, the WEDI Emerging Technology Subworkgroup identified critical issues raised on the recent WEDI webinar “The Road to Interoperability Series: Patient Access API & Provider Access API.” The SWG session brought to light both the achievements and the hurdles in the journey towards seamless patient…

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WEDI Bytes: Snackable Health Tech Talks

February 19, 2024

Knowledge Center The Doc Who Wasn’t: Unmasking the Fraud Featuring: Lesley Berkeyheiser, CCSFP, CHQP // Sr. Assessor, DirectTrust and WEDI Privacy & Security Workgroup Co-Chair Adam Forman from DAW Systems Check out ‘WEDI Bytes’ for a real talk with Lesley and Adam about how they’re locking down e-prescribing like Fort Knox. Dive into the world…

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Podcast Episode 141: Making an Impact in Behavioral Health Data Collection and Analysis – A Chat with Raven Health CEO Richard Wagner

February 16, 2024

Knowledge Center In this episode, Michael chats with Richard Wagner, the big brain behind Raven Health (, former WEDI Privacy & Security Workgroup Co-Chair, and a total guru in making sense of behavioral health data. Richard isn’t new to the health care game; he grew up in a family where dinner table talks were all…

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Emerging Technology Subworkgroup: Navigating the Complexity of Payer-to-Payer Systems

February 15, 2024

Knowledge Center In a recent discussion by the WEDI Emerging Technology Subworkgroup, professionals discussed the challenges and opportunities associated with the new payer-to-payer data exchange requirements included in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization final rule. The conversation provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of health care data…

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VIDEO The Road to Interoperability Series: Payer to Payer API

February 14, 2024

Knowledge Center Discover how CMS’s latest rule impacts payers as they must adopt HL7 FHIR APIs to enhance data exchange and streamline authorization. Uncover the secrets of efficiently sharing crucial health data, and tackle the challenges with insights from industry experts! Register for the Series!

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