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WEDI provides a full suite of resources designed to help organizations better understand and manage health IT.  The Resources section provides access to WEDI’s various tools and library of health IT information.

We strive to make the approval process of our work products as transparent as possible. White papers, issue briefs and surveys must be approved by the Peer Review Committee. Workgroup charters, new workgroups and co-chairs must be approved by the Work Group Leadership Committee. Comment letters and WEDI policies must be approved by the Policy Committee.


Prisoners of Paperwork: Facing up to true interoperability of healthcare data, payments

February 18, 2020

Knowledge Center During the signing ceremony for the Health Insurance Portability and Account- ability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), President Bill Clinton pointed out that the legislation provides for the development of “national standards for the electronic submission of health insurance claims that will reduce paperwork, administrative costs, and burdens for doctors and hospitals.” Fast forward…

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ERA/EFT Reconciliation in Dentistry

February 14, 2020

Knowledge Center In dentistry, adoption of the 835 and EFT remains markedly low in comparison to other sectors of the health care industry. This Issue Brief is intended to educate, and to assist, industry stakeholders regarding efforts to solve these problems.

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CAQH CORE approves 2-day limit for health plans to act on prior authorizations

February 4, 2020

Knowledge Center A group that represents multiple industry stakeholders has voted to set a two-day time limit on how quickly health plans must act on prior authorizations. CAQH CORE, a group that includes 110 organizations representing health plans, providers, vendors and government entities, voted to set a two-day limit on how quickly health plans must request additional…

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Prior authorizations are a pain point for both doctors and patients, survey finds

January 30, 2020

Knowledge Center A major pain point for physicians is also one—sometimes literally—for patients. In separate recent surveys, 84% of providers reported the number of medical services that require prior authorization has increased, as well as the cost for physician practices, which also continued to increase—up 60% in 2019 to manually generate a request to insurers. And 62% of providers reported they…

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More medical services now require prior authorizations, according to physicians

January 28, 2020

Knowledge Center In a recent survey, 84% of providers reported the number of medical services that require prior authorization has increased. And 62% of providers reported that they do not have the technology to evaluate whether a prior authorization is required for a medical service, diagnostic test or medication without initiating a prior authorization request, according to…

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WEDI: Tech limitations, lack of adoption and standards causing prior auth issues

January 26, 2020

Knowledge Center The use of technology has made limited inroads in reducing the impact of prior authorization, even as requests for this documentation increases, according to a national group’s recent survey. WEDI—the Workgroup for Electronic Interchange—says its research suggests that even the use of mandated standards have done little to curb in the impact the…

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