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WEDI provides a full suite of resources designed to help organizations better understand and manage health IT.  The Resources section provides access to WEDI’s various tools and library of health IT information.

We strive to make the approval process of our work products as transparent as possible. White papers, issue briefs and surveys must be approved by the Peer Review Committee. Workgroup charters, new workgroups and co-chairs must be approved by the Work Group Leadership Committee. Comment letters and WEDI policies must be approved by the Policy Committee.


Podcast Episode 106: The Need to Incorporate Intersectionality and SDOH with Gregg Church, President, 4medicaPodcast

June 9, 2023

Knowledge Center The concept of intersectionality describes the ways in which systems of inequality based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination “intersect” to create unique dynamics and effects. Regarding health care, collecting data on intersectional social factors like race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation can…

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Reporting Tiered Benefits

June 5, 2023

Knowledge Center Tiered benefits can have different meanings or be defined differently by payers and providers. They may interpret the data they exchange differently, as well as how that information could be applied when delivering patient care. Both traditional and more complex benefit plan designs have been introduced into the health care landscape, creating the…

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Podcast Episode 105: Changing the faces of clinical trials with Clincierge’s Scott Gray

June 2, 2023

Knowledge Center Michael welcomes Scott Gray, CEO of Clincierge, a patient concierge services provider in clinical trials. The two discuss the current state regarding diversity in clinical trials and how the need for minority participation can help serve a more accurate, realistic population, establish trust between patients and providers, and improve the patient experience.

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Remembering Our Heritage: Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

May 31, 2023

Knowledge Center Written by Michael McNutt, Director of Events & Education Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals and communities have played a significant role in the history and future of health care in the United States. From pioneering medical research to breaking barriers in health equity, Asian American and Pacific Islander health care professionals have…

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Podcast Episode 104: Provider and Payer Approaches to Addressing Health Disparities

May 26, 2023

Knowledge Center From WEDI’s recent Spring Conference, a conversation on the importance of data, partnership, and health equity buy-in and bake-in with prominent health equity leadership from UnitedHealth Group and Mayo Clinic. Panel: Michael Currie, Chief Health Equity Officer, UnitedHealth Group Adam Milam, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Office of Health Equity and Inclusion, Mayo Clinic…

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Emerging Tech Meeting: ChatGPT

May 19, 2023

Knowledge Center The Emerging Technology Subworkgroup continued their series on ChatGPT. Randy Swift, Co-Chair of Emerging Technologies facilitated a panel discussion with Vivek Tripathi, M.D., AVP Sutherland Healthcare, Gary Burt, Vice President Product Management, Sutherland, and Ajay Jetty, Associate VP, Product Management, Sutherland. We discussed the opportunities available to business, but also the risks and…

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