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Member Orientation

WEDI’s mission as an industry convener, is to provide multi-stakeholder leadership and guidance to the nation’s healthcare system on how to use and leverage the industry’s collective technology, knowledge, expertise and information resources to improve the administrative efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare information.

WEDI Workgroups serve as the backbone to the association’s efforts to enhance the exchange of clinical and administrative healthcare information.

How to get involved

After you've logged into the WEDI member center, you have access to a wealth of information including events, workgroups, work products and more!

How does WEDI impact health IT?

  • Provide testimony, comment letters to Secretary and Divisions of Health and Human Services
  • WEDI Workgroups educating industry
    • Whitepapers, Issue Briefs, Webinar Content, Conference/Forum Content
  • Workgroups, Conferences & Forums provide opportunities for:
    • Workgroups dive deeper into issues to collectively develop reports and other means of information
    • Public & private sector insights
    • Meeting new/existing clients & industry partners
  • Industry Input
    • Workgroups, PAGs, Calls to Action
    • Have your organization’s voice heard while crafting a unified WEDI comment to regulators
  • WEDI has been an instrumental force in:
    • Establishing and later enhancing HIPAA standards for electronic administrative transactions, data privacy and data security
    • Driving down the costs associated with manual, paper-based transactions
    • Increasing the confidentiality of patient information
  • WEDI’s robust workgroups, educational conferences, surveys and online webinars provide critical industry education and foster collaborative partnerships among diverse organizations to solve practical, real-world data exchange challenges.
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