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Episode 162: Workgroup Voices, The Inner Workings of Prior Authorization

August 23, 2016

Genomic medicine offers the potential to greatly improve medical practice by tailoring the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic care available to each patient. However, this potential depends on high-quality data that can be readily accessed and applied in the patient care setting. Although improvements to electronic health records (EHRs) have been made, much work remains to optimize their ability to support genomically informed care, and in turn, for genomic information to contribute to improvements in care coordination. This white paper explores how genomic information could optimize clinical genomics care coordination, including how genomic data can be leveraged to improve health and care at both individual and population levels. It examines a number of clinical situations and life stages during which genomic information is generated, how health care providers access and use that data, the infrastructure needed for effective use of the data and the financial drivers of genomic data use for improved health care.

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