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Episode 154: Hybrid Horizons: Balancing Security and Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace. Denis O'Shea, Mobile Mentor

May 10, 2021

Everyday, WEDI members volunteer their time and talent to WEDI workgroups to provide thoughtful leadership and common-sense approaches that enhance the exchange of clinical and administrative healthcare information. They collect input, exchange ideas, and make recommendations that inspire impactful and far-reaching change in our industry.

This week, Matthew speaks with Michelle Barry, Co-Chair of WEDI's Provider Information Sub workgroup. The sub workgroup's mission is to identify business issues impacting the transmission and receipt of provider directory data, commit to understanding the nuances of the data along with industry successes and best practices for obtaining the information in a timely and accurate fashion.

Michelle discusses the sub workgroup's recent work, including an examination of the No Surprises Act.

Interested in joining WEDI? Contact Matt Downey at Already a WEDI member and want to get more involved in workgroups? Contact Samantha Holvey at

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