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Episode 162: Workgroup Voices, The Inner Workings of Prior Authorization

July 15, 2021

Here is your chance to check out one of our workgroup meetings! On this Emerging Technologies SWG call, we discussed Advanced Explanation of Benefits (AEOB) that is expressed within the No Surprises Act.  We quickly reviewed the concept then proceeded to discuss:
  • Plans on pursuing the AEOB (or waiting for CMS rule guidance)
  • Methods for providers and members to request an AEOB
  • Approaches for health plans to generating AEOBs (including output format)
  • AEOB integration within provider processes
  • Approaches for delivering AEOBs to providers and members
  • Provider and payer concerns related to the AEOB process
  • If we have time, insight on Da Vinci’s work on the AEOB

One of the benefits of WEDI is to exchange perspectives, concerns, successful practices, while creating relationships.  Together, hopefully we will help better US Health Care.

Check out the Recorded Meeting with the password: *MMD00Z% 

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