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Episode 147: Education, Empowerment and Engagement: How Digital Tools are Improving the Patient Experience. Amanda Bury, Infermedica

March 4, 2022

Matthew welcomes Holly Varnell of SERA Prognostics and Dr Sharon Hibay of Advanced Health Outcomes.

To learn more about prenatal advancements discussed in this podcast, click here: PreTRMĀ®

Based on data from the World Health Organization, the US is #6 on the list of countries with the highest pre-term birth (PTB) rates. That places the US higher than Bangladesh and lower than Indonesia. The top 4 countries with highest PTB rates are India, China, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Our guests discuss advancements in prenatal early intervention to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes of preterm births.

Holly and Dr Hibay introduced the DREAM BIG (DRiving Equity for All Moms & Babies by Improving Gaps) in Maternal Care Initiative.

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