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Episode 154: Hybrid Horizons: Balancing Security and Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace. Denis O'Shea, Mobile Mentor

January 6, 2023

Matthew talks about the importance of data with Epic's Phil Lindemann, VP of Business Intelligence and Dave Little, MD, Clinical Informaticist.

Epic manages electronic health records for more than 250 million patients and is now expanding clinical trials by kicking off a Life Sciences program to help speed up the development of new therapies. Providers across the world use Epic to conduct more than 100,000 active research studies with 4.7 million patients.

Additionally, they discuss the importance of companies providing data for the greater good of Americans' lives. Large data sets like Epics’ Cosmoscan provide health officials with the data needed to enact changes. This allows doctors to learn from thousands of other hospitals and support researched-health needs like adverse trends in healthcare and outbreak detection.

Learn more about Epic's work below

Here’s a link to a fentanyl study referenced in the episode : Only 5% of Overdose Patients Tested for Fentanyl, #1 Killer of Americans 18-45 (

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