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Episode 158: Slow and Steady, How Health Care is Progressing Toward Value Based Care. Lynn Carroll, HSBlox

January 24, 2023

As 2022 came to an end, so did my two-year term as the Chair of WEDI. Being the time of the year when we reflect on many things, I can’t help but think about the work WEDI has accomplished since my term began in January 2021. We have come from deep within a public health emergency to mostly a return to normal operations. We became comfortable with virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual social events, virtual everything and are finally starting to gather again in person.

We had another year full of educational events with so many incredible speakers. We tracked dozens of requests for comments, proposed rules, and regulatory issues resulting in many, many comment letters. We held our first Member Position Advisory listening session to gather feedback from you, our members. And, most importantly, we got to see some of you in person for the first time in over two years at our Summer Forum in Chicago and National Conference in Washington, DC.

If you want to know who does the heavy lifting to make WEDI successful, just look to the WEDI staff.  Charles, Bill, Samantha, Michael, and Rob are behind everything that keeps WEDI on track and advancing forward – our workgroups, our members, our communications, our education, our advisory work, our industry collaboration, and so much more. The Board of Directors does its share of steering the ship through their expertise and leadership. Our members contribute their collective knowledge that supports our education, workgroups, work products, and recommendations. Our sponsors provide WEDI with resources that allow us to do this incredible work. The accomplishments of WEDI are the direct result of teamwork among these dedicated people.

The last two years have gone incredible fast, and I am happy to be joining the illustrious group of Past Chairs of WEDI who have created, facilitated, and strengthened this organization. WEDI is a wonderful community where multistakeholder organizations come together for education, collaboration, and connection on the industry’s most pressing health IT concerns. The Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Board of Directors have all left their own imprints on WEDI, for the better. In looking forward to 2023, I am confident in the new WEDI Chair, Ed Hafner and am excited to see the impact he will have.

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