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Episode 154: Hybrid Horizons: Balancing Security and Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace. Denis O'Shea, Mobile Mentor

January 31, 2023

Ed Hafner, 2021[/caption]

Written by Ed Hafner, AVP Payer Strategy, Medical Network, Change Healthcare, and WEDI Board Chair

It is an honor to serve the WEDI community as its new Board Chair. As I start my two-year term, there are many new standards and technology changes coming to our industry that, if implemented appropriately, give us the opportunity to truly improve our health care system. It is easy to lament about the challenges, but I love being part of WEDI because together we are able to learn and share innovative strategies for successful implementation.

Starting with the recent regulation activity, including the No Surprises Act provisions, price transparency, new approaches to electronic attachments and prior authorization, updates to current privacy requirements, and considerations for a new EDI version and CORE operating rules. Yes, it is truly raining regulations! Being engaged with WEDI, our education, policy, and workgroup activities will keep you ahead of the regulatory curve. As a named advisor to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), WEDI also provides a platform to amplify your voice.

One of my favorite core characteristics of WEDI is the diversity of our participants. Our membership is made up of health plans, providers, associations, vendors, standards development organizations, and government. Not only are we a collective of multiple stakeholders, but we also come from different backgrounds, experiences, and places. In a safe environment, we learn from each other and speak as one voice. If we have divided opinions, we encourage discussions and present balanced feedback in our education and advisor roles.

While it is certainly the year to address new regulations, we will also focus on other topics including health equity, value-based care, privacy and security, telehealth, genomics, advanced technology, and the convergence of clinical and administrative data.  This might seem like a wide variety of themes, but our overarching goal is enhancing the patient experience and the delivery of care through the improved exchange of health information.

We know there are a lot of pain points in health care. Our mission this year is to share solutions and pursue progress because dwelling on the pain won’t make it go away. It is only with the knowledge, engagement, and passion of members like you that we can make a difference in our health care system and solve these challenges together.

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