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Episode 154: Hybrid Horizons: Balancing Security and Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace. Denis O'Shea, Mobile Mentor

March 7, 2023


If the NSA-implementing agencies could plot out and publish their plan for adopting standards, publishing regulations, and setting new compliance dates for the NSA AEOB and provider directory requirements, it would help tremendously to level set on expectations and help organizations budget and plan for actual implementation.

What the industry really needs from the government agencies at this point is a road map, or, as the Workgroup for Electronic Data and Interchange (WEDI) said in a recent letter to the secretary of HHS, a “glide path” that explains how the industry and the government will develop standards and operating rules together. In the letter, WEDI asked for the government’s expectations on vetting and testing standards and an estimate on timelines for implementing NSA regulations.

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