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Episode 154: Hybrid Horizons: Balancing Security and Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace. Denis O'Shea, Mobile Mentor

May 31, 2023

Written by Michael McNutt, Director of Events & Education

Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals and communities have played a significant role in the history and future of health care in the United States. From pioneering medical research to breaking barriers in health equity, Asian American and Pacific Islander health care professionals have helped the advancement of public health, medical treatments, and culturally competent care.

Despite the many achievements, many Asian-American and Pacific Islander professionals still face discrimination and racism within their health care environments. By understanding the history and modern challenges that Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals face, we can come together more effectively to support the AAPI community and uplift their stories and accomplishments. We hope future generations will be inspired to pursue careers in health care and make their own mark on the industry!

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the cultural, social, and economic contribution made by the AAPI community. We all need to take this opportunity to reflect on the challenges faced by the community and how we can all work together towards creating a more inclusive world. It’s also an important time to recognize the challenges AAPI individuals face.

More than 24 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders live in the United States today, making it the fastest-growing racial group in the nation. The rich diversity within the AAPI community encompasses more than 50 ethnic groups who speak nearly 100 languages and originate from 20 different countries.

“Just do that which you believe in. Be a “sensemaker” in the space where you really care and want to make things better.”

These are the words of Jennie Chin Hansen, a health care leader and geriatrics specialist. Hansen became the youngest and first Asian American president of AARP in 2008.

As Dr. David Da-I Ho, 1996 Time Man of the Year, AIDS researcher, physician and world-renowned virologist states,

“People get to this new world and they want to carve out their place in it. The result is dedication and a higher level of work ethic.”

As half Filipino, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month has helped me to better understand and embrace my own Asian heritage. My mother is a proud American citizen and in my early years, we hopped around from the U.S. to military bases overseas, not truly finding the time to embrace or understand my Asian heritage. As I matured, I grew to appreciate what it meant to be half Filipino and passed that appreciation on to my sons.

Every day, every month, and every year, I’ve made it a point to understand, appreciate and most importantly, celebrate what it means to not only be African American, but Asian American as well. African and Asian Americans have experienced a complicated history in the U.S. Through the pain, tears, and struggles, come wisdom, strength, and resolve. I am fortunate to live in this time and hope we continue to lean into the wind and progress on our shared journey.

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