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Podcast Episode 127: Part 2 of our Expert Panel, AI Best Business Practices

November 3, 2023

In the riveting continuation of their AI dialogue, Episode 127 of the WEDI podcast titled "Part 2 of our Expert Panel, AI Best Business Practices," WEDI Board Chair Ed Hafner orchestrates an insightful discussion with a panel of subject matter experts.

  • Ram Rimal of UNC Health champions ethical data science engineering.
  • Jared Staal of Mayo Clinic shines a light on elevating patient care through advanced AI analytics.
  • John Loomis of Softheon envisions a synergy between AI tech and human expertise.
  • Laura Adams from the National Academy of Medicine stresses the importance of policy-making in the AI domain, ensuring innovation aligns with privacy.
  • Oracle Cerner’s Dr. Jigar Patel rounds out the conversation, highlighting cloud infrastructure's role in democratizing AI in health care.

The panel provides an invaluable perspective on implementing AI in a complex industry, offering a clear-eyed view of its potential to revolutionize health care while navigating its multifaceted challenges. This episode is a treasure trove for professionals eager to leverage AI for strategic advantage.

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