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Edifecs is a premier technology company in the US Healthcare market with solutions focused on interoperability, workflows, value-based care payments and analytics. Edifecs helps its customers by optimizing the secure exchange and processing of administrative and clinical data, reducing the cost of meeting various regulations, and automating workflows involved in multiple core processes within the healthcare ecosystem.


Interoperability Solution with FHIR – Edifecs offers a complete solution with modular components, out-of-the-box reference maps, and reusable implementations, enabling health plans to meet all current – and future – CMS interoperability requirements.

FHIR Application Certification – Edifecs FHIR customers can leverage our FHIR Application Certification process to certify third-party apps quickly and at scale, creating significant savings and improving member satisfaction.

Your Checklist for Interoperability Compliance – Leveraging our years of experience in various interoperability initiatives, our SMEs have designed this 8-step checklist to help payers develop a successful roadmap to interoperability and compliance.

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Data Integration & Visibility

XProcess Management – Gain critical insight into internal and external processes (like enrollment effectuation, end-to-end claims tracking, encounter submissions, and care coordination) and discover opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce costly errors, and grow your business.

Smart Trading – Simplify EDI with our full suite of data integration, visualization, and error reduction solutions which can be deployed on-site or in the Edifecs cloud.


Edifecs Attachment Management – Our solution enables secure electronic exchange, automates cross-enterprise workflow, drives provider adoption and integrates seamlessly with existing back-end systems. Achieve error-free routing of medical documentation across multiple provider channels while ensuring attachments – of any format – are linked to the right plan and member.

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