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  • Telehealth Resource Guide

    by Samantha Holvey | Aug 02, 2018
    Table 1 provides a list of telehealth resources that the Telehealth Workgroup identified as being useful and informative for the industry. This list is not all inclusive. The Telehealth Workgroup plans to review and update this list semiannually. Please contact the Telehealth Workgroup co-chairs to have additional resources considered for inclusion in the guide.

    The scope of this document is to provide telehealth resources and the goals are to:
    • Provide a convenient place to access various telehealth resources;
    • Identify telehealth resources that are relevant, up-to-date, and represent a diversity of views on the topic; and
    • Provide relevant federal and state regulations and policies.

    Download the Telehealth Resource Guide

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WEDI Offers Healthcare Cybersecurity Tips to Improve Resilience Against Cyberattacks

Mar 22, 2017, 19:45 PM

WEDI, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange, has issued a new white paper exploring some of the common cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are exploited by threat adversaries to gain access to healthcare networks and patient and health plan members’ protected health information.

The white paper – The Rampant Growth of Cybercrime in Healthcare – is a follow up to a primer released in 2015 that explored the anatomy of a cyberattack.

WEDI points out the seriousness of the threat faced by the healthcare industry. Cyberattacks are costing the healthcare industry around $6.2 billion each year, with the average cost of a healthcare data breach around $2.2 million.

Cyberattacks and other security incidents having risen sharply in recent years. More records are now being exposed than at any other time in history and the number of healthcare data incidents being reported reached record levels last year.

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