The Claims subworkgroup works together to help resolve issues related to the inconsistent use of the 837 transaction. The group is comprised of Payers, Providers, Vendors, and Clearinghouses who share their opinions and experiences (in order to help) find the most effective solutions to the 837 issues.

The Claims subworkgroup will address identified business issues from various stakeholder perspectives moving to the 5010 X12 837 (Dental, Institutional, and Professional) transaction.  The primary goals of the subworkgroup are to:

  • Facilitate implementation of the 5010 837;
  • Provide a forum to address business issues related to the implementation of the 5010 837; and
  • Create white papers and provide educational guidance on issues related to the implementation of the 5010 837.
Claims Subworkgroup Charter

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2nd and 4th Thursday of each month
11:00 - 12:00pm ET

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