Virtual Clipboard


The Virtual Clipboard Workgroup is a collaborative effort working to develop and pilot effective and consistent industry blueprint for the patient intake process, including automating the collection of critical health insurance and demographic information. Building from recommendations contained in the 2013 WEDI Report, the workgroup seeks to leverage smart technologies to dramatically enhance the patient experience while improving patient safety.

The goal of the workgroup is to define the strategies for a mobile application solution as a set of standardized approaches, interfaces and integration points that any application developer, organization or vendor could utilize to create an application. Establish security and privacy standards for safe guarding patient, provider and payer information. Identify barriers and issues with implementing new automated processes and workflows between patients and providers, providers and payers and patients and payers and strategies to overcome these. Identify additional innovation opportunities to improve business workflows and stakeholder interactions. 

Virtual Clipboard Workgroup Charter

This workgroup is open to all industry stakeholders. Please contact to join.